Large Single Phase Motors









The motor running the planer started life as a 3 phase motor run off of a phase converter. It has now been modified into a single phase motor. When run off of the phase converter, it brought the planer up to speed in 2 seconds The now modified motor brings it up to speed in 1 seconds.    Notice the amperage meter. That is a 10 inch wide oak board going through the planer. It is only pulling 7  amps. Full load on that motor is 21 amps. Power to spare.


Need a large single-phase motor?


20 HP Single-Phase Motor                              Motor windings


At Hardin’s Industries, we build single-phase     motors from 7.5 HP to 20 HP!


Single-phase motors are a viable alternative to 3-phase power or an

internal combustion engine. These motors are designed with a low starting

 current which lessens voltage sag (e.g., light dimming).  Each motor comes complete with a control  box that can be attached or used as a separate component.


Single-Phase Motors Can Save You Money!

Most homes or businesses located in rural areas (e.g., farms) do not have access to 3 phase power. Extending a 3-phase line to your home or business can cost as much as $20,000 - $30,000 per mile! On top of this initial cost, customers are

often required to pay a minimum monthly charge, regardless of whether

the service is used or not.



The Hardin’s Single-Phase Motor is Versatile!

When the single-phase motor is not being used as the primary power source, you can use it as 3-phase converter for powering smaller motors. This results in additional cost savings as now you can operate smaller motors without having

 to purchase a separate phase-converter.




The Benefits of Using Electric Motors vs. Internal Combustion (IC) Engines

        Benefit 1:  An electric motor is approximately double in power to an equal-size IC engine.  For example, a 15 HP electric motor is about equal in power to a 30 HP gas engine.


        Benefit 2:  It is cheaper to run an electric motor then it is to run an IC engine.  For example, a 30 HP IC engine will cost you approximately $43 per day (at a fuel price of $3.60/gallon; 1 gallons per hour). In contrast, the 15 HP electric motor will cost approximately $10 per day (at 13 cents per K.W.H.).


        Benefit 3:  No fumes! No balky starting! No noise!  All common problems associated with an IC engine.


        Benefit 4:  The electric motor starts with a push of a button!


        Benefit 5:  The electric motor typically lasts longer than an IC engine.


Wow! I Gotta Have a Hardin Single-Phase Motor! What is the Cost?


A single-phase motor will cost you approximately $100 - $110 dollars per HP (prices as of July 2014)



Approximate Price

7.5 HP Single Phase Motor

$750 - $825

10 HP Single Phase Motor

$1,000 – $1,100

15 HP Single Phase Motor

$1,500 – $1,650

20 HP Single Phase Motor

$2,000 - $2,200

**Please email (hardins123@msn.com) for availability